Hello and welcome to the 996 Registry! The Porsche Club of America home for all things 996.

This registry includes 911s manufactured between 1997 – 2005.  In 2017, the 996 officially became 20 years old!  Porsche now includes the 996 as part of their Porsche Classic program, so it truly is a modern day classic!  The site is intended as a resource, but more importantly as a place for anyone interested in the 996 to engage with other like minded individuals.  The forum is open to PCA members, whether they own a 996 or are just interested in the Porsche model (along with the 986) that literally helped save Porsche from bankruptcy.   

We hope to provide some history and comment on areas especially relevant to the 996. 


996 Registry Membership – You must be a current PCA member.  If you don’t currently own a Porsche, consider PCA’s Test Drive program which gives you a six month subscription to Panorama magazine, access to the Mart to see Porsche for sale from other PCA members, and access to the PCA and this website to post your questions.  Please send an e-mail to registration@996registry.pca.org and include:

  1. Your Full Name
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Privacy – Participants who join the 996 Registry are assured the same privacy afforded all PCA members. Specifically, “Porsche Club of America does not sell, rent, or lease its member lists to third parties.” see the PCA Privacy and Usage Policy, PCA National Website, https://www.pca.org/policies

The 996 Registry is the sole officially recognized Porsche Club of America (PCA) 996 Registry for owner/members. 

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